Welcome to ROBU® Glasfilter-Geräte

VitraPOR® Sinterfilter & Laboratory Glassware for preparative and analytical works in the chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory field.


Welcome to ROBU Glasfilter

VitraPOR® is the brand name for a complete line of sintered glassfilter elements made of borosilicate glass 3.3 and quartz glass.

ROBU® sintered glassfilters meet the internationally established standards for porous sinterfilters according to ISO 4793 and borosilicate glass 3.3  according to ISO 3585 as well as the American Standard ASTM E 128 and the British Standard BS 1752.

Standard VitraPOR® Sinterfilters and Laboratory glassware - we are happy to work together with you in designing the best solutions for all your individual needs - quickly and effectively.

New Prices from 1. January 2023

Please note that new prices will apply from January 1st, 2023. New pricelists for standard products can be found in our Service/Downloads-area.
Orders with a confirmed delivery date in 2023, will be executed at the new 2023 prices. Prices may have to be adjusted on short notice due to unforeseen market conditions.