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About ROBU


VitraPOR® is the brand name for a complete line of sintered glassfilter elements made of borosilicate and quartz glass.
The VitraPOR® product range varies from standard filter-crucibles, funnels, candles, conical funnels to many special design sintered filters for technical applications in pharmaceutical, analytical, chromatography and radiology industries. 

In our Glassblowing Workshop


we produce our standard and custom-made products according to your specific requirements.
We are specialized in the manufacture of high-quality glass instruments for a wide range of applications. With our experience, precision and care, we produce customized solutions for your individual requirements. Our company structure enables flexible production and short delivery times.


Modern Production Plant


Advanced manufacturing processes in our modern plant secure the quality of the ROBU® sintered products during their production. We guarantee uniform properties even for the highest demands and exacting applications.

Environment and Climate Protection


Protection of the environment and climate as well as the responsible consumption of resources has a special significance at ROBU. High environmental standards have already been achieved in our modern and effective production plant. The aim of continuously reducing the impact on environment and climate is being further pursued.

Innovation Carrier Substrate


ROBU® has developed a new carrier substrate for cell cultivation from the proven family of VitraPOR® sintered filter products. Pure, binder-free USP-class I borosilicate glass 3.3 is manufactured by our proprietary process to form 1.5 mm or alternatively 4 mm diameter beads with defined pore sizes of approximately 60 micrometers. The special process does not use any corrosives and produces a porous structure with smooth, yet large surface areas. The glass is completely bio-compatible and its high electrical surface charge (Zeta-Potential) helps to stimulate cell growth. As a result, you can yield more than 70% viable cells can be yielded from your cultivation process - far superior to conventional carriers.

Download our Carrier Substrate Brochure here 

Innovation Tape Casting


Sintered Porous Glass Membranes are made of pure amorphous borosilicate glass 3.3 or amorphous silica with poresizes  0,9 µm and 2,5 µm as a standard. Tape thicknesses from below 1,0 to more than 5 mm are available. The membranes are temperature resistant to over 1.000 °C. Tape characteristics can be adapted to customer specifications.The membranes are suitable for the employment as electrochemical or electroosmotic membranes, fine filters in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and electrical and thermal insulators and many more.

High Temperature Sintering Process


In a unique high-temperature sintering procedure in PLC controlled furnaces, glass filters and membranes are produced of pure borosilicate glass 3.3 and amorphous silica, that are used in many applications, where filtration is a necessary part of the process.

HSC Milling

Newly developed CNC tooling capabilities with high speed diamond mills on 5-axis HSC machining centres allow the manufacture of complex geometries and guarantee reproducible and tight tolerances.

Manufacturing Facilities

The modern tools and appliances, as well as the latest milling and separating technologies ensure the quality of the raw-materials made by our own production. High quality in our production is guaranteed through reliable processes and years of experience, together with on-going training for our highly qualified staff.

Robotics and Laser Technologies


ROBU® developed a new and innovative concept for the manufacture of glassfilter apparatus with CO2 laser radiation and two 6 axis robots. It allows the complete handling, fusing and marking of borosilicate glass products for laboratory, analytical and medical applications in a closed system. Thus laboratory glassware can be produced reliably and under very pure conditions in one working step.

Watch a video of production process on our innovative laser system.

Proprietary Lasermachine components


allow the precise tooling of the glass in a special micro erosion process. This makes individual designs of the glass apparatus‘ labels possible. No use of hazardous substances in ceramic enamel printing colors. Detailed batch numbering provides easy identification and full traceability of the products. Well readable, yet transparent appearance of the laser marking enables full vista and observation of the sample. Individual customer specific marking is available on request.

Fully automated robotic systems


enable us to manufacture a very consistent and reproducible quality.

Quality Control Poresizes


The qualified testing of the poresizes is performed in accordance with established standards to ensure a homogenious quality.

Continuous checks of our own manufacturing equipment take place as required by our quality management and make sure, that we meet the highest requirements in production.

Optical Quality Control


Individual optical checks are performed to control important characteristics of our glass apparatus. This enables us e.g. to detect thermal or mechanical strain in the glass walls.

QM Certificate


Our DIN/ISO 9001 certified quality management was honored with a Gold Award and already ensures the consistent quality of the ROBU® products since 1999. Download our current valid Qualtiy Certificate  here.