Environment and Sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainable behaviour


are the major social and economic issues of our time - and have now also become important purchasing criteria for many consumers. Conservation of resources, ecological friendliness and the recycling of materials are important aspects considered here.

Our VitraPOR® sintered filters & glass filter instruments are made solely from pure borosilicate glass - a material that takes all these aspects into account. It is made almost entirely from natural raw materials, which are abundant in nature. No additives or binding agents are used in the manufacture of our standard products.

In addition, products made of borosilicate glass are characterised by their extraordinary resistance, durability and their long service life, which also conserves resources and avoids waste. Our sintered filters and laboratory glassware are easy to clean and can therefore be reused many times. In addition, glass is a recyclable product that can be almost completely reused. This means that broken glass generated in the plant is returned to the production process and can almost be completely recycled.

In our most energy-intensive process, the sintering and annealing of glass filters, we pay particular attention to environmentally conscious technologies, and heat our sintering furnaces only with electricity from renewable sources. The resulting process waste heat from furnaces and air compressors is used to heat our production and storage areas. Furthermore, our processes generate neither direct emissions such as noise or air pollution nor polluted waste water. As the majority of our products are also small and lightweight, only low emissions are generated from transporting the goods.

To further avoid CO2 emissions ROBU® is also promoting electro mobility by installing electric vehicle charging stations for visitors and employees. About 20 % of our company vehicles already run fully electric.

In this way, our company together with our material borosilicate glass can make a small contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.