Our VitraPOR® laboratory glassware are made of pure borosilicate glass 3.3. This versatile and recyclable material offers excellent properties for the most diverse fields. It is highly resistant to most chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis.

VitraPOR® glass filters are divided into porosity classes ranging from 1,0 µm to 500 µm.

for determination of O2-demand in water

1 mol K2Cr2O7 = 1.5 mol O2

The suitable CSB-Vessel please find here.

Cat.-Nr. Porosity Dim B
Dim C
Dim D
NSK NSH PU * Price / Pc.
18901 1 Standard: ISO 4793-80
Por. 1
Pore-Diameter 100 - 160 µm
25 65 190 29/32 29/32 1 98,80 €

PU* = Packing Unit
Our products are usually sold in packing units of [PU] pieces.