Slit-Sieve Funnel (Buechner funnel)

Our VitraPOR® laboratory glassware are made of pure borosilicate glass 3.3. This versatile and recyclable material offers excellent properties for the most diverse fields. It is highly resistant to most chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis.

VitraPOR® glass filters are divided into porosity classes ranging from 1,0 µm to 500 µm.

Slit-Sieve Funnel (Buechner funnel)

for Membranes or Paper Filter

Our VitraPOR Buchner funnel made of pure borosilicate glass 3.3 with the renown properties like chemical and high temperature change resistance.

A special type of our funnel is equipped with a sieve plate. Contrary to the classical filter funnel with a sintered VitraPOR glass filter disc, it is fitted with a glass disc with approx. 1,8 mm wide slits. This disc is designed for very coarse filtration processes or to support round membranes or paper filters which facilitates to take out the filtrate and to clean the funnel.

The sieve plate is produced by us in a novel manufacturing process allowing special geometries, slit or bore patterns and sizes when required.

Cat.-Nr. ml Dim A
Dim B
Dim C
Dim D
PU * Price / Pc.
2175S 75 ml 52 48 10 50 1 67,80 €
2112S 125 ml 65 60 10 56 1 79,85 €

PU* = Packing Unit
Our products are usually sold in packing units of [PU] pieces.