Physical Properties

Physical Properties

Coefficient of Expansion33 x10-7/C° between 20°C - 300°C
Specific Heat0.8 x 103 J/kg K-1 bei 20°C
Thermal Conductivity1.13 W/m K-1 at 20°C
Density 2.23 x 10kg/m3
Poisson's Ratio0.22 between 25°C - 400°C
Young's Modulus6.500 kg/mm2 at 25°C
Rigidity Modulus 64 x 103 MPa
DPH (Vickers) Hardness580 kg/mm2 with 50 gram load
Relative Hardness1.52 (comparative Soda-Lime = 1.0)
Refractive Index1.474 Sodium D - line
Dielectric Constant4.6 at 1 MHz and 20°C
Loss Factor2.6 % at 1 MHz and 20°C
Log10 Volume Resistivity15 Ohm - cm/s at 20°C

Surface Resistivity 

1013 Ohm s⋅cm-2 at 50% humidity



525 °C