Porous Glass Beads 8 mm

The unique porous structure of VitraPOR® sintered glassfilters makes it flexible and incredibly versatile not only for established uses but also for many other applications.

VitraPOR® glass filters are divided into porosity classes ranging from 1,0 µm to 500 µm.

Porous Glass Beads 8 mm

Substrate for cell cultivation Pure Borosilicate Glass 3.3 ROBU has developed a new carrier substrate for cell cultivation from the proven family of VitraPOR® sintered filter products. Pure, binder-free USP-class I borosilicate glass 3.3 is manufactured by our proprietary process to form 8.0 mm diameter beads with defined pore sizes of approximately 60 micrometers. The special process uses no corrosives and produces a porous structure with smooth, yet large surface areas. The glass is completely bio-compatible and its high electrical surface charge (Zeta-Potential) helps to stimulate cell growth. As a result, more tha 70% viable cells can be yielded from your cultivation process - far superior to conventional PMMA and PVC carriers.

Cat.-Nr. Porosity ml Dim B
PU * Price / Pc.
80085 2 Standard: ISO 4793-80
Por. 2
Pore-Diameter 40 - 100 µm
1000 ml 8 1 522,95 €

PU* = Packing Unit
Our products are usually sold in packing units of [PU] pieces.