Special Products and Unique Designs


The Twin-Filter combines two different porosities in a single filter. A coarser layer serves as a pre-filter and prevents the finer pores from clogging. The finer part holds back even smaller particles and guarantees an optimal filtration result.

This built-in pre-filtration feature assures extended life of the filter. Continuous use improves the performance considerably as the fine pores are well protected by the mechanical strength of the coarser side. The filters are available in round or rectangular shapes from 5 mm to 400 mm and tubes up to 500 mm length.

Sintered sharpening body

We provide various sharpening bodies in two poresizes for all kind of metal and plastic-bonded diamond tools. The glassbead of the sharpening body has a high hardness and abrasiveness. However, the tool will not be damaged by the relatively soft and open sintered composite material. For more information, please download our brochure (German).

Special laboratory glassware

Next to many standards, our product range also comprises numerous specialties, such as primary packaging glass columns, inlet filters and many more customer specific designs in all kinds of industries.

Casting Technologies

Advanced casting technologies allow the moulding of sintered glass to a large variety of shapes and sizes with porous or even massive structure. Pore diameters of below 1,0 micron at porosities of 35% can be achieved.

Sintered Porous Glass Membranes ...

  • pure amorphous borosilicate glass 3.3 or amorphous silica
  • poresizes  0,9 µm and 2,5 µm as a standard 
  • tape thicknesses from below 1,0 to more than 5 mm
  • temperature resistant to over 1.000 °C possible
  • tape characteristics can be adapted to customer specs

... suitable for the employment as

  • electrochemical or electroosmotic membranes
  • fine filters in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • electrical and thermal insulators
  • and many more